Prepare to be overwhelmed by the Hanoi market experience

Inside the massive Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi's Old Town Quarter
Inside the massive Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi’s Old Town Quarter

HANOI, VIETNAM – OK, I admit it, I was not prepared. There are over 7 million people in Hanoi, and well, goods have to come from somewhere and people have to be able to buy them. We hit the jackpot in the Dong Xuan Market in the Old Quarter. The words ‘huge’ and ‘expansive’ don’t even do it justice. Three floors, even an escalator, and many stairways.
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What’s this headache?

Window seat daytime view
View from the window seat at 38,000 feet

HANOI, VIETNAM – I’ll write about more flight adventures later, but I thought I would share with you (especially Dr. Flanagan) about travel and the “American” way of life. What do I mean? Let me tell you my tale:

We get on the plane for Taipei at midnight in Seattle. Getting to the airport, checking in for our flight, boarding the plane – that part was uneventful. But the Northwest has a terrible windstorm that night and we get the resulting ‘rock and roll’ for a few hours at the start of the flight.

They want to serve me food soon. I’m almost sick, but I am saying to myself, “I AM NOT ON A BOAT AND I WILL NOT BE SICK.” This means I have nothing in my stomach for hours.
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