Stone buildings are everywhere in Scotland

Stone buildings can be seen all over Scotland
Stone buildings can be seen all over Scotland

SCOTLAND – When we arrived in Edinburgh in June we were impressed by how many stone buildings there were all over the city. Not just the castles, but public buildings, private homes, storefronts, monuments and more.

Stone walls are everywhere in Scotland
Stone walls are everywhere around Scotland

You also see stone walls everywhere in Scotland… along every street and roadway, enclosing individual yards and gardens, and around every field and pasture. Stones, stones and more stones.
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Scotland’s exquisitely beautiful coastline

A view of Scotland's scenic coastline from Dunnottar Castle, near Stonehaven
A view of Scotland’s scenic coastline near Stonehaven

NEAR ORKNEY ISLAND, SCOTLAND – Right now I’m traveling with a white-knuckled husband who is gritting his teeth. No, I’m not talking about my driving. We are, in fact, riding in a very comfortable express bus from the Orkney Islands along the mainland coast of Scotland to Inverness, still a 3-hour trip once we are off the ferry.
It is a fantastically beautiful sunny morning. The rugged coastline is exquisitely lit up, with shadows in just the right places. There are sheep and cows posing in the fields, traditional thatched roof barns right next to the road, and all other sorts of daily life things that hold your eyes in wonder.
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Fairies and Unicorns in Scotland? Of course!

KIRKCALDY, SCOTLAND – Washing dishes with FAIRY liquid.

A bottle of FAIRY brand 'washing up liquid'
FAIRY brand washing up liquid, “By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen”

Yep, that is what we have here in Scotland. FAIRY brand washing up liquid (dish soap to us Americans), “By appointment to Her Majesty the Queen” (It says so right on the label).

And it works great – like magic (I am assuming). I bet it used to have a picture of a fairy right on the label.

It took me a few days to think this through. It was so odd to me to find a commercial product named “FAIRY.” Where is the strength in that?
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Edinburgh has a bit of a sweet tooth


In Edinburgh, sweets are available just about everywhere
Buying sweets on the street in Edinburgh

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – The food here is really wonderful.

OK, I see Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, but we don’t eat there even in the states. Otherwise, it is cooked to order and takes a few minutes more. Time is no problem over a good beer anyway.

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